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Vibility focuses on both health and financial outcomes for all parties while increasing satisfaction across the board. By combining health coaching, outcomes tracking and educational content, Vibility makes it easy to build your outcomes.

How it works

  • helps achieve measurable, sustainable health results
  • higher satisfaction
  • better financial outcomes for individuals, health systems, employers and society at large

Why Vibility?

Vibility’s solutions allow for a reduction in time-to-solution, medications, individual health insurance burden and an increased ability for the individual to manage their health on their own which translates to a higher sense of quality of life.

  • Programmatic Health Experiences proven to get results
  • Engaging programs from 30 Days to 6 Months
  • Customized lifestyle modules including Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset, Environment, Stress and more
  • Supported by Health Coaching, Provider Visits & Supplement protocols


Find a provider or “Ask Your Provider about Vibility”


Fill out Health Questionnaire


Collect Baseline Data


Enter 60-Day program


Provider & Health Coach visits


Follow program from comfort of home


Finish program & re-measure

Vibility Program – Outcome Data

  • Population Health Data


Average 60-day weight loss


Individuals who eliminated or reduced one or more medications related to the program targeted health condition.

  • Outcome Data

Random sample population (2,071 individual) of men & women ages 30-80+. Percentage of patients who reported improvement within 60 days in the following categories:

  • Sleep - 82%
  • Energy - 75%
  • Digestion - 67%
  • Focus - 62%
  • Mood/Anxiety - 58%

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At Vibility, we have helped over 20,000 patients achieve their health goals.

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