A Full-Service Solution for Better Outcomes at Lower Costs

Vibility certifies providers and empowers their patients with engaging programs, proven to reverse chronic disease progression and encourage healthy, sustainable habits. 

This is done through independent practice & health system adoption of Interventional Primary Care* on our proprietary engagement engine & AI data platform.

Vibility is a technology platform at the forefront of reducing chronic disease by engaging patients and their providers with data-backed programs & protocols.

Vibility works with health systems to create tailored enterprise programs to fit their unique population’s needs and desired health/business goals.

Patient Engagement Engine

  • High compliance, standardized curriculum
  • Personalized interactive care plan
  • Progress tracking, communication, ongoing data collection

Practitioner Management

  • Dynamic protocol management
  • Remote patient monitoring / symptom tracking
  • Interventional Primary Care* certification & peer review

Health System Platform

  • Automated managed credentialed network
  • Integrate with payor standards and increase efficiency of workflows
  • Materially enhance payouts for value-based programs

Interventional Primary Care

A person-centric approach to health promotion that uses less-invasive, restorative methods that help patients correct the underlying cause of disease rather than just treating the symptoms.

Benefits to Health Systems

Vibility Enterprise, provides a full-service solution to health systems interested in adopting Interventional Primary Care* 

  • Validated Standards of Care
  • Credentialing System and Credentialed Providers
  • Compliance and Outcome Tracking

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