How to Get Started with VIBILITY

This guide will help you understand how to utilize Vibility’s custom branded virtual programs for your practice.

Use the menu on the left to navigate the different aspects of your virtual programs and see how to get started with them successfully. We recommend you start with section #1 and work your way down the list. This will allow you to get a high-level overview of your programs, then see how they work in real time. Once you understand the content and structure of the programs, you can begin exploring other important components of your program, such as how practice member coaching and supplements will work, along with the tools available to help you administrate your programs.

Keep in mind that for our Professional level partners, changing program structure or timing, customizing supplements, and adapting content is an available service. While most practitioners do not need to make customizations, we can work with you to understand how best to align the program content to fit your practice’s needs.

If you need additional help understanding how to structure your programs, implement your programs, coach practice members, or learning how to use your portal after reviewing this guide, please schedule a time to speak with our team using the calendar button below.

If you need any technical support or help with a practice member account, please use the button below to email our support staff.