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With data-driven solutions and education content designed for health and wellness providers, Vibility helps you rapidly accelerate your revenue, influence, and patient results without lifting a finger.

Proven Content.
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Vibility is at the forefront of the convergence between the worlds of traditional medicine and functional medicine, equipping healthcare systems, providers, and patients with the tools, training, protocols, and education needed to re-shape the way we handle primary care and experience wellness.

Done-For-You Courses

Our health and lifestyle curriculum has been used by over 300 practices with over 25,000 patients to teach the fundamental elements of proper nutrition, exercise, stress management, and more. You maintain your model of care but supercharge the effectiveness of each step patients take by using content that does the heavy lifting for you. We even brand all of the material for your practice or persona, so the videos, documents, and learning platform appear as yours!

Custom Curriculum

If you have already built your own content or need a team to assist with developing material, Vibility can help. Our Learning Management System (LMS) was designed to meet the unique needs of health and wellness leaders who value compliance, simplicity, ease of use, and working smarter. So, you can boost the value of material you’ve already created by hosting with us, or get a head start on building your own with a curriculum team that can draw out your voice and expertise.

Smart Technology

Real-time, intuitive reporting and notifications give you the insights needed to guide patient care and alert people to program steps or recommended actions that drive the value of their health education. Vibility’s education platform is like a built-in health coach, practice administrator, and lifestyle manager rolled into one automated system. The best part? You get everything up front without paying more for increased feature sets.


Seamlessly operate from within one dashboard, as patients access program materials, messaging, supplement ordering, additional content, EHR logins, and more without needing to switch between different applications. We believe that the easier it is for patients to get the information they need, the happier they will be. And, because Vibility exists in the background for your practice, all of the credit goes directly back to you.

It’s not just practitioners either.

Vibility is:

Transforming the Way Healthcare is Practiced

A major shift toward functional medicine and more holistic health approaches is already underway across the world, as patients understand the value of creating sustained wellness versus simply managing disease..

How it works

Step 1

Pick the level of custom branding that you want. Everything is done-for-you and customized according to your preferences!

Step 2

Provide us with your branding and practice information. Emails, videos, documents, and more are transformed for your practice!

Step 3

We create your customized virtual programs in two weeks or less and equip you with all of the tools needed to get started!


Enter your patients into your new virtual programs, then sit back and enjoy the freedom you’ve just created for your life and schedule!

Discover the Easiest Way to Take
Every Patient Through Your Program

People expect you to be online. Virtual Programs increase their compliance and your results!


  • Each patient receives premium virtual education, personalized touches, tracking and reminders, and step-by-step guidance to complete their program
  • Patients improve their diets and their compliance with lifestyle change using our step-by-step process, including recipes, FAQs, shopping lists, simplified cooking tips, & dining out tips
  • Health coaches have important tracking systems coaching guidelines to ensure patient compliance, success, and the personal connections needed to improve patient experience
  • Since a virtual program is done from home and minimizes the number of office visits needed, practitioners can reach more patients, including those out of their area
  • You can customize what services we provide and which ones you keep in office, from coaching, to supplements, to who is showcased in class videos

Proven Outcomes, Easy Implementation

  • Population Health Data


Average 60-day weight loss


Individuals who eliminated or reduced one or more medications related to the program targeted health condition.

  • Outcome Data

Random sample population (2,071 individual) of men & women ages 30-80+. Percentage of patients who reported improvement within 60 days in the following categories:

  • Sleep - 82%
  • Energy - 75%
  • Digestion - 67%
  • Focus - 62%
  • Mood/Anxiety - 58%
  • Compliance Data

We have designed our programs to be customized and engaging for each patient, driving compliance and outcomes.

  • Programs range from 30 days to 6 months
  • Average 67% completion rate
  • 84% practitioner client retention

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